Shedding Dog Pottery Gallery

Kelowna, BC       Phone: (250) 768-9021        E-mail
Ted LegateTed Legate, Part Time Hobby Potter.
Area of Focus: Cone 6 Functional Stoneware, Oxidation
I began this journey back in 1994 in the small town of Baysville, Ontario (near Huntsville) at a studio called Earth Park. I was interested in pottery but didn’t know how to get involved. I approached a local potter about lessons and he said “Hmmm, never thought about it, but sure. How about 5 bucks a night and I will show you what I know”. I stuck it out for about a year and a half until we had to relocate due to a job change and that is when I lost access to the craft and the time to do it.
Fast forward to 2003 when I had an opportunity to move to BC for a new career path in healthcare. The first thing I wanted to do when we arrived in BC (after learning to sail) was to relearn pottery. Bonnie Anderson was my first contact in the Okanagan who guided me through the learning process at Potters Addict and the rest is history.
I gradually set up my “studio” in my garage with a promise to my wife, that yes, someday I will pay you back for the kiln, wheel, extruder, tools, clay, chemicals, balance, etc, etc, etc. Well I no longer need to dive into her purse for clay as the hobby (more or less) pays for itself.

‘ So, you are asking, where did the studio name come from? Well, we live near Shannon Lake, and I was agonizing over what I was going to call my “stuff”. A blank business card is a bit of a waste of time! “Cackling Duck”, “Moaning Loon”, “Howling Coyote”, “Honking Car”, “Noisy Lawnmower” – none of these seemed to fit. Then one spring day I was throwing some mugs and kept picking hair out of the clay. Micha, our 3 year old orange Chow/Shepherd cross, was lying beside me on the garage floor oblivious to the fact that when she scratched and shook, a cloud of hair was vented into the atmosphere. “Darn dog, why don’t you go find somewhere else to “scritch” yourself – JUST WAIT A MINUTE – UREKA – I FOUND IT!!!” The image on my card is Micha!

tlegate01I have been focusing on functional pieces, fired in an electric kiln – mugs, various bowls, garlic pots, brie bakers, etc, but if you have an idea or vision I am open to trying a custom!!!
May the Kiln Gods keep you from cracking!