James Hibbert

Victoria Clayworks Gallery

3015 Naramata Road, Naramata, B.C. (250) 496-5150 E-Mail

James Hibbert welcomes you to his studio and showroom overlooking Okanagan Lake. James has always been fascinated with pottery and the techniques used to create it. He has participated in numerous workshops in Canada and the United States and has maintained a studio since 1983, after apprenticing in Victoria.

James works using several firing techniques including Raku, Saggarware, medium and high temperature stoneware to achieve a wide variety of color texture and form.

Victoria Clayworks Gallery is open daily from 10am-5pm, or by appointment.

James decorates his stoneware with handpainting, incising and slip trailing; high gloss and matte finishes in oxidized and reduced atmospheres:

These pots are cone 10 reduction fired with shino and woodash glazes:

Raku Fired Pottery:

Saggar Fired Pottery: