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Marilyn Glick

Marilyn Glick was born in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. She studied Fine Arts at Grant McEwen Community College in Edmonton, Alberta. After moving to Victoria, Marilyn studied hand building and raku techniques with local artists, Sandra Marino and Cliff (Corky) Lennox.

In recent years, Marilyn’s raku pots and vessels have appeared in galleries throughout British Columbia. In the summer of 1997, Marilyn’s work was selected for exhibition in both Artisans 97 in Sidney and Fine Arts 97 in Sooke, where she and her work were recognized with a jury prize. In 2001, Marilyn received another two Jurors Choice awards for Garden City Clay Vessels.

Marilyn hand builds her pots by gradually layering coils of clay. Using wooden tools, she blends the base and separate coils into one solid piece. The pot is left to dry at various stages of the process. Drying time can vary from two to twelve hours. Most of Marilyn’s pieces are decoratied with intricate celtic knot designs that are hand carved with a bamboo skewer while the clay is still fairly soft.

“My inspiration comes from combining clay, stones, antlers and bones in various ways to enhance my Celtic inspired vessels.”

“The Raku creation evokes ancient memories of a time when Mother Earth and all her relations were honoured in Harmony and Balance.”