Jeanette Moore

Jeanette Moore

“I still remember my heart singing as I ran down the stairs for my classes.” – Jeanette Moore

Jeanette developed her passion for clay during her time in Regina, Saskatchewan, where she entered the Clay Arts Program at the university.

Right away it was form that inspired her work. Her enjoyment came from reaching to perfect some aspect of a pot’s profile that particularly pleased her. At other times an old classic shape would challenge her to attempt its masters’ skill. She liked a pot to look deceptively simple, for the eye to flow gracefully along its profile, before settling on the pot as a whole. On the wheel, form was her master however with slab building came freedom from the discipline of controlled form. Jen said that hand building forced her to loosen up and just allow the clay to direct the evolving journey, thus rekindling her passion for the medium.

Jen’s more recent pieces showed her fascination with texture where she developed new surfaces, but still form and line remained her main focus.

Jeanette developed a beautiful golden-orange colour, by spraying ferric chloride on hot glazed pieces just removed from the raku kiln. She also used the traditional white crackle and metallic glazes. In recent years Jen worked with a technique known as “naked” raku.

Jen convened the association’s November & June shows in Vernon and also served as President of OKPA for several years. Her gentile manner and generosity is remembered by all who knew her.